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Yo-Yo Dieting...When Tips and Tricks Don't Work

This blog post is on my heart today. It's the reason I chose the name Nourished LIfe Now for my company. Nourishment and breaking cycles to live the life you want now. I am a member of a Holistic Health and Wellness Facebook community. One of the members was crying out for help in controlling her weight so that she could improve her blood pressure.

The advice that was given by most was try this essential oil, try this CBD oil, try this supplement etc. I knew I had to contribute something different that would not just band aid her problem. I wanted to give her support that will help her find freedom from food and food related health challenges for life.

Oh the despair my dear! I've been there, I've tried the fad diets, the phentermine craze, meal plans, buddy system. Heck, one time I even ate nothing but grapefruit and canned tuna fish for a month straight!

I've reached out to girlfriends who had success with different tips and tricks but nothing ever stuck or really worked for me. It left me feeling ashamed, guilty and like a complete failure. I could not understand why I continued this viscous cycle and was willing to invest money in any new fad that gave me a glimmer of hope.

This yo-yo dieting life stopped for me when I finally addressed from an emotional perspective what was causing me not to reach my goals. I believe that the tips and tricks are a critical part of staying the course after you address the root problem.

This meant I had to do hard emotional work. I had to confront the things that I had buried so deep so for so long. These things were childhood traumas and negative life experiences that had shaped and protected me. I had to allow them to surface and release them so that they no longer had their space in the way they controlled my behaviors. I enlisted the help of a coach and a counselor.

I was so tired of fighting the battle that I gave in completely and opened myself to healing. I risked letting go of control, I cried, I had to share things with my husband and family that I wanted to hold close in secret. It was the hardest year of my life.

I learned how to find my authentic self and how to nurture the person who had not been given a voice. It's truly hard to explain the transformation that takes place, BUT without it I'd still be yo-yo dieting and living in shame.

OMG! Now, 6 years later I'm sharing my journey. I wake up with no shame, I lift other women up to live the life they want to live. I no longer diet and restrict myself from food. I exercise routinely and I personal train and coach other women. I am doing work I absolutely love! So here's my tips and tricks for losing weight if you are a chronic yo-yo dieter:

*Don't do it alone, work with a mental health professional or nutritionist who specializes in emotional eating behaviors

*Be honest with yourself. You probably have already known for awhile that there's more to just you can't stick to a diet.

*Learn to not make food your enemy. Embrace food for it's nourishment and start to give it positive space in your life again.

*Journal daily. I'm not talking about tracking calories and exercise. I'm talking about journal your "journey", your "emotions".

*Find a nutrition protocol that is not incredibly restrictive

*Have a strategy and plan for every social eating situation

*Embrace exercise/movement you love. Don't worry about fitting into a "gym" mold. Bike, dance, yoga, walking, martial arts, swimming, strength all counts...JUST MOVE!

*Find a support system (local hiking groups, local running groups, mom groups, group coaching are just some ideas)

I am sending you love and light today. I truly know how dark this fight can be. I am 6 years into what I'll call recovery and I occasionally still have to work through the "yuck" that is hiding in corners I have not been able to release yet. I will not give up, I will continue to grow and be intuitive in my journey. I encourage you to reach out to me if you'd like to explore how working with a coach or professional could create transformation in your life.

Coach D

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