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28 days to TRANSFORMING your mindset around finding time and overcoming excuses while changing mindset to embrace the healthy life you want without guilt!


In just 4 weeks Coach D will guide you through challenges to finding time to implement healthy habits while ditching your diet and putting you on a path to a healthier life.  Want to finally get serious about regaining your "me" time in your schedule to focus on feeling energetic and healthy??  Then this 28 Transformation Program is for you!


Why is Coach D's Time for Health and Wellness Formula different?


  • We focus on taming your calendar

  • We squash excuses

  • We get to the root of how you set priorities

  • You become empowered to claim the life you want

  • We ditch diets

  • We find movement you love

  • Individualized Support

  • Real strategies for busy women

  • Mind, body, spirit nourishment

  • Tools and resources provided

  • Baby steps minimize the "overwhelmed" factor

  • Nourish the person, not just the body


What you can expect:

  • Personal email support from Coach D- You are NEVER stuck

  • 4 weeks of motivation

  • 4  weekly Transformation E-Books

  • Daily guides and activities

  • 28 days of recipes

  • Revitalize Journal

  • Weekly shopping list

  • Weekly recipe list

  • Weekly meal planner

  • Weekly homework

  • Accountability

All packaged in a fun weekly approach that keeps you motivated from day 1 to day 28!

*Note:  I do not provide nutritional counseling.  For any nutritional counseling advice I will direct you to your health care provider or licensed medical professional.  The materials above are resources for implementing behavior change and supporting you to come up with your own strategies for implementation in your life.

Do you have a passion to become a Wellness Coach?
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