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The FORCE within you

Is the FORCE strong within you or Has Obi Wan vanished and your Jedi Training is at a standstill?

What is FORCE anyway?

I believe our FORCE is our passion and purpose. It's the fire when ignited makes everything seem possible. Those excuses that once stood in our way to reach our goals become small ant hills we can easily step over. We stand a little taller, we become assertive communicators, we dream, we hope and we act when the FORCE is strong within us.

The problem is that "life" snuffs out our FORCE flame. FORCE when not realized, can make us feel lost, weak, our goals feel impossible, dreams are never realized, we withdraw and even miss out on wonderful blessings of supporting and empowering others in our lives.

How do we find our FORCE?

Let's revisit one of my favorite movie characters as a child, Luke Skywalker. You knew it was coming right?!?!

Luke had this amazing FORCE within in him. How do I know? Well the movie tells us and if YODA says it's's so! Luke lacked faith in himself and his destiny. It took a little hairy alien shaking his head in disgust at his young Jedi and raising a fighter plane from a swamp to show him what was possible. Once Luke acknowledged what he knew was there all along, it allowed him to harness power he could not imagine.

Since most of us do not have a "little hairy alien" in our lives, we have to look for other ways to find our FORCE. Here are some ways in which I find my FORCE:

Spending Time with Family

Mom's Running Group

Challenge Myself


Practice Gratitude

Positive Self Talk

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable to act on my goals in the face of fear

I hope today will be the day you give your FORCE a little nudge to release it's potential. The force is strong within you!

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